The Mistress Kay

Who is The Mistress Kay?

The Mistress Kay

I am Mistress Kay, I am a young professional and financial dominatrix. I was born in West Yorkshire and work from Bradford Town Centre which is easily accessible via motorway or public transport.

Us “northern birds” have always been known for speaking our mind and not being “backwards at comin forrads” but for me, on top of these Yorkshire qualities I have always found it easy to naturally dominate others. Every job I have had I have been pushed into management due to my nurturing way with people below me, and the ability to get people mentally where I want them and doing what I expect physically of them. 

Over the years in my personal life I have dabbled in elements of BDSM but it wasn’t until a year ago after a few fetish events I found my natural calling in life as a Mistress.

I have travelled and am well educated with many life experiences, I am a total mindfuck as I am naturally playful with a sick perverted twist, I do not conform to the norm in anyway. I can be your sickly sweet seductress and have you grovelling to lick the soles of my feet or worship my peachy perfect PVC covered arse. Or I could be your Nanny nurturing you, changing your Nappy and feeding you to a strict governess ready with ruler or cane to spank your naughty arse.

I’m a naturally fierce woman and after a personal weightloss journey I love ALL HIGH DEMANDING PHYSICAL activity whether that be a strap on play or wrestling with smothering holds or perhaps a chavvy potty mouth bratty findom ready to take all your hard earned cash and threaten your vanilla existence or publicly meet and humiliate you.

I have a true love of Tgirls, Transgendered, transcurious and CD’s. Whether this be for advise on dressing or help with confidence such as shopping trips and providing options to spend time around people who simply accept them or just time to live a life dressed, this is not in anyway related to sissy training or maid training that I offer in my sessions. FOR THIS REASON please note I will ONLY when requested sissify, feminize or ABUSE anyone who is dressed as naturally I have a TRUE RESPECT for all people who are taking this journey in life or happy and proud to dress as they feel and in no way should this ever be ridiculed.

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