BEFORE..... You step into MY world......

PLEASE NOTE - This is a not just a JOB for me, it's a lifestyle choice. I am not looking for an Alpha Male, I do not in anyway have SUBMISSIVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE - Don't waste your time or my time by asking for this in anyway, the list of things that I cover on cam and in person is near enough endless

I AM AND PROUD OF MY JOB AS A MISTRESS - I EXPECT THE SAME LEVEL OF SERIOUSNESS FROM ALL MY CLIENTS. I TRULY AM ATTRACTED TO THE WEIRD AND THE WONDERFUL, I am unshockable but you can try me if you wish !!!!!!!! I do therefore have my own personality and am still open to a normal conversation, but do not mistake my kindness for weakness as you will find I can change in a second.

Please take the time to get to know me and if there is anything else you want specifically please message me, Members get exclusive access to my diary and can see when I am available. 

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